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#4 EN - Lena Conlan (Swe / US): Outdoor educator for life part 1

July 08, 2020 Élményakadémia KHE Season 1 Episode 4
Forrás - az Élményakadémia podcastja
#4 EN - Lena Conlan (Swe / US): Outdoor educator for life part 1
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Learning by doing in nature, through adventures and long expeditions. 
How to prepare people, care for safety, and learn wilderness first aid? 
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  • 02:09 - Lena's path to outdoor education
  • 05:01 - her carrier at NOLS
  • 08:55 - Starting Crossing Latitudes and becoming a Wilderness Medicine instructor
  • 12:08 - the history and activities of NOLS 
  • 17:09 - being on long expeditions
  • 31:10 - expedition behaviour and leadership skills
  • 41:10 - independent group travel in nature
  • 45:38 - leave no trace and outdoor ethics
  • 54:15 - the impact of being in nature
  • 57:04 - how to start exploring nature?

About our guest: Lena has a teaching degree from University of Umeå, Sweden. Lena, a native of Sweden, has worked as a wilderness educator since the early 80's. Lena started working for NOLS in 1986 as a climbing and sea-kayaking instructor in Alaska, Mexico, and Chile. For several years Lena was the sea kayaking program coordinator for NOLS. In 1996 she co-founded the adventure company Crossing Latitudes Inc. The company focuses on sea kayaking and hiking trips in Scandinavia, Greece, Alaska, and beyond. In 2000 Lena started to teach for NOLS Wilderness Medicine. Lena spearheads the NOLS Wilderness Medicine program in Scandinavia and Europe by hosting and teaching Wilderness First Aid and CPR courses.
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Host info: Árpád Bárnai, a trainer and head of program and development for Academy of Experience, a Hungarian NGO. He started working with complex programs targeting youth at risk for more than 10 years. He designs the framework of such programs, leading them, and takes part in creating related professional content. He worked in a foster home for 5 years and later as a volunteer has worked in a Peruvian foster home and rainforest too. He works as a solution-focused professional, outdoor educator, trainer, and youth worker. Email:

What brought us together: Academy of Experience was established in 2005 when 12 enthusiastic people in Hungary were looking for new ways in education and found the method of experiential education.
Their vision was and still is a colorful, inclusive, and open society, which is able to create equity. A society where everyone has the opportunity for self-realization, being part of a community, and has equal opportunities to thrive.
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Lena's path to outdoor education
Her carrier at NOLS
Starting Crossing Latitudes and becoming Wildernes Medicine instructor
The history and acitivities of NOLS
Being on a long expedition
Expedition behaviour and leadership skills
Independent group travel in nature
Leave no trace and outdoor ethics
The impact of being in nature
How to start?